How To Wear: Summer Denim

I wore an outfit like this the other day, and it perfectly pulls together the classic style and the trends of summer. When I purchased my printed denim shirt (mine has a faint paisley pattern) I wanted to make sure that I didn't have too much of a rodeo feel when I wore it, so instead I went for a more classic and preppy look. Pairing it with a closet staple, navy shorts, and accenting it with a colorful statement necklace seemed to be the perfect option. Tucking it in with a gold belt (a favorite as of late!) adds a nice, clean finishing touch along with a little extra sparkle on the sandals and jewel stud earrings. I finished off the outfit with another favorite, my envelope clutch with zipper edging in cobalt blue. Hope this inspires you to create some fun summer outfits! This look can also be created with a regular chambray shirt or even a fun button down! 

How do you style your denim & chambray?

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Michaela said...

How cute. I love denim, and those sandals and accessories are perfect!

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