Just A Refresher

With the heat of summer fully upon us now, I am always looking for ways to stay cool. I have collected a few of  my favorites as of late for you to enjoy as well!

Beet Orange Juice
I love juicing fruits and vegetables as a way to get more of my vitamins and nutrients, and when I came across the suggestion from a friend of doing beets with oranges I was determined to try it out! Beets have a very unique flavor and a lot of nutritious value. Their rich ruby color is just beautiful when juiced (pictured above)!
1/2 or 1 full beet
2 oranges

Save one section of orange for garnish and to enjoy! {YUM!!}
Juice fruits and vegetables and drink with a cute straw :) 
Here's to a nutritious boost for your orange juice!

Smoothies are always a delicious choice especially in this warm summer weather. There are so many recipes out there. I love to try out many different ones from green smoothies to berry flavors and tropical pina coladas! So research some recipes and go for it!!
Here is a quick and easy berry smoothie that I've had on repeat! It is so refreshing; it's almost like a berry sorbet!

1 Cup of frozen mixed berries
1 Banana
1/2-3/4 cup of orange juice or almond milk 
(depending on if you want a fruity splash or more of a berry flavor)

Blend and enjoy!
Optional: Add protein powder for and extra nutritious benefits

Iced Tea

After tasting some delicious mint iced tea at a backyard party I was convinced that this was something I must make at home! It is easy as can be and soo refreshing and delicious! 
I make it with an iced tea maker, but you can easily do if for just one glass with your microwave. I used Bigelow Mint Medley  tea with some Stevia for sweetner.
Make your tea and pour over ice!
I am also wanting to try mango iced tea with an orange for garnish! I enjoyed it at a restaurant and it is so tasty! You'll have to try it!

And one last tasty favorite!
Orange Sparkling Water and Fruit Ice Cubes

I had this with dinner at a friends house one evening and loved it. If you are in the mood for something bubbly, this La Croix sparkling water will hit the spot with a subtle hint of orange. I think it would be rather tasty with some frozen fruit ice cubes too!

Cheers to keeping cool, hydrated, and refreshed this summer!


Unknown said...

These all look amazing!! I've been in a smoothie making mode since I got a little single serve blender. I just ordered some adorable striped straws off of groopdealz so that'll add that extra bit of fun to them! :) Glad to see your blog posts again! Hope you're having a lovely summer.

Anonymous said...

Great recipe ideas for some cool refreshing drinks! I would not have thought to use beets, I can't wait to try that one!

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