Love Letters

The media sure throws us a lot of different views on love. The glitz, glamour and romance of casual flings, purposeless, emotion-driven relationships that ultimately leave us feeling empty, unfulfilled and wondering why we aren't satisfied. With so many visions and versions of "love" I've found it best to go to the source of true love and see what we can both learn and emulate in our own lives.

Love can be somewhat scary, you're giving of yourself to someone else, and in that act making yourself vulnerable to the possibility of being hurt or finding warm reception & acceptance. Many are afraid to truly love, but loving completely brings the possibility of great blessing and fulfillment.

What prevents us from loving completely? 
-Justifying yourself instead of dying to self
Truly loving is about serving others..realize that to love is to be fully alive in Christ, in Him we can learn to experience real love.

-Valuing your routine over your relationships
Oh how easily this can happen...always make time for others, routine is routine, and people are of more value than deadlines.

-Allowing fear to make decisions for you.
Fear has no stronghold in your life if you truly love. Remember, "perfect love casts out all fear"

-Judging others and trying to use love or withholding love as consequence for their actions
Remember that we are imperfect people in relationship with other imperfect people, and instead of expecting perfection, extend a bit of grace...grace to be human and to grow, learn and change. True love is unending grace, for as God displayed it to you at your lowest point, so we should give of it to others.

How To Love Completely:
1. Be flexible with your plans
2. Choose to look deeper and understand the people in your life. Be compassionate.
3. Do what you can today, instead of putting it off, make time now.
4. Plan to make sacrifices. When you love someone, it will cost you, and often times more than once.

Love takes courage. Are you up for the challenge? Relationships can be messy and confusing, but I encourage you to pursue love and love completely. Whether its among friends, family or significant others, seek true love and you'll find that things will fall into place.

What does love mean to you? 


Taylor said...

So so true! I can relate and I think what you've said here is so important. Its also good to keep it's better when its meaningful and has a purpose:)

A Silver Snapshot said...

I like the first tip about being flexible with our plans. So often we try to fit our version of love into our own plans, but that doesn't work out very well. Thanks for the reminder! Happy Monday!

A Silver Snapshot

Candice said...

I so agree, Taylor! Thanks for sharing your thoughts! :)

Julia D. said...

Great post, Candice!

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