Faithful In Much

Sometimes we think that we need a big break, the big promotion, overnight success..etc to be great. What we often forget is that it is the faithfulness with the small things, the details of our routine, and the responsibilities we are entrusted with currently that will prove to be the stepping stones to the greater accomplishments we strive to achieve. Over the past few days I've been thinking about the story of the men who once worked for their master, each was given a certain amount of talents (currency in the day) and was instructed to care for it while their master was away. The one with 5, invested it and it doubled, same with the one who had been given 2. The man who had been given one decided to bury it in the ground, and when the master returned, he was displeased with this man. You see, it's the same for us today. We're each gifted and talented in many ways, and perhaps it can seem like your talent isn't worthy or useful, but God gives each of us something for a specific purpose, and he has instructed us to use and invest them in his kingdom. Your talent is important and needs to be shared. Be faithful with what you have been entrusted, and then you can take on more responsibility. It is the small things that amount to the great things over time. Be faithful with little things, and He will bless you beyond belief.


Nats ~Coral Tinted Perceptions said...

Beautiful post! Thank you for the reminder - it is so relevant in my life.
x Nats ~

Julia D. said...

I love that verse!

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