I recently attended the Hillsong United concert as a part of their Welcome Zion US tour, and can I just say that amazing doesn't even begin to describe it?! What an incredible opportunity to worship God alongside such a talented and humble group of artists. With so many people filling the stadium, it could have been easy to feel like just one in the crowd, but God really spoke personally and quietly amongst the passionate praises of thousands to let me know I am loved, and that He so delights in the praises of His people.

One of the most beautiful (in my opinion) songs on their album is entitled, Oceans, and it speaks of God leading us to a place where we have no borders to our trust, and we respond by following His guide wherever that may take us...even if the storms come, we'll keep our eyes above the waves, always on His face.

What a beautiful picture of complete and absolute trust, walking on the water, following Him to the place where we lose the sense of boundaries, those confines that often we place in our own way of where we think God wants us to be. In life we sometimes feel lost in the crowd, with waves crashing down all around us, but like those lyrics, we need to keep our eyes above the waves, rest our souls in His embrace, and He will lead and guide us to places beyond the wildest of imagination.

(P.S. If you haven't heard their new album, be sure to take a listen! It's absolutely wonderful!)


Neisha said...

You went to their concert!?! I can only imagine how awesome the experience was. I love their song - oceans as well! I only hope I can make it to one of their concerts soon.

Julia D. said...

I LOVE Hillsong and only wish I had a chance to see them live. Their new album is totally incredible, from what I've heard, and I really needed this reminder that God is always in control today. Thanks, Candace.

Candice said...

So glad you both enjoyed the post! If you ever have the opportunity to see them live, I highly suggest it! :)

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