Happy List

We talk so much about the things that we dislike, don't want, wish were different, want to change, and so on..., but it's oh so much better to think & talk about what we love. One of the things that's helpful for me is to create a "happy list" of the things that make me smile, feel good, and enjoy life! I encourage you to do it too, as it brings such a great perspective. It's also a great way to cure a "bad day" because once you start thinking of a few things that make you smile, more seem to come to you, and sooner or later you're in a happy state of mind!

Here's 25 things in life that make me happy:

1. Sunshine-filled days
2. Beach days 
3. Coconut candles
4. Stargazing
5. Parties
6. Ice cream on a hot summer's day
7. fresh flowers 
8. a perfectly ripe peach
9. laughing so hard I cry...which is pretty much every time
10. a really good workout
11. travel
12. meaningful conversations with good friends
13. summer
14. books
15. beautiful view
16. a well-styled outfit
17. the right song at the right time
18. journaling
19. fireworks
20. coral lipstick
21. handwritten letters/cards/notes 
22. trying a new recipe
23. dancing
24. giving someone a sincere compliment
25. accomplishing a life goal

What makes your happy list? 

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Unknown said...

Love this list :) Makes me wish I was on the beach somewhere sunny too :)

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