How to Host Your Very Own Oscars

I've got a special guest post from a friend of mine, that seems oh-so-appropriate for this upcoming weekend! Who is tuning in to watch the Oscars?? I love to see all the gorgeous gowns strutting down the red carpet during awards season, and this is sure to be another high-style moment for the fashion-forward community! This is also an excellent opportunity to host a fabulous get-together to watch the fancy frocks..and yes, the awards themselves! Ready to learn how it's done? Morgan is here to give you a few ideas! Enjoy!

Hosting the Oscars is one of the biggest honors to have in Hollywood. Hosts are carefully selected for their wit and charm, and thoughtfully mulled over in their ability to command the crowd, address the audience, and simply make people laugh. With all of the Billy Crystal’s and Ellen Degeneres’s in the world, who’s to say that you can’t be your own host, of your own Oscars? This year, forget Hollywood and take the Oscars to a new level: to your very own home.
Throwing an Oscar party is no new idea, but turning said party into an actual Oscar competition will offer your guests an entirely new experience. Of course, watching the real Oscars is a necessity, but instead of leaving the night at that, you too can create your own awards for which your guests can compete. And here are some ways you can channel your creativity and make the Oscar awards your own.
Best Costume (and Set) Design
No matter what kind of party you’re throwing, adding costumes always makes it more fun. Have your guests come up with their own costumes for you Oscar party, and encourage them to go outside of the box and do something unexpected. You can set a theme for your Oscar party (ie. Old Hollywood, funky fashion, movie-inspired), or just let your guests take the reigns and show up in something all their own. Throughout the night, your guests can vote on who is the best-dressed, and by the end of the night you can crown your very own Best Costume Design award winner.

Regardless of the theme, however, a tried-and-true tip when it comes to your Set Design, aka your entertaining and decor supplies, is to keep it movie-based when possible. My friends know me well and have gotten me some pretty classy stuff, my favorite being an “Admit One Ticket” serving tray from RedEnvelope. With touches like this, I don’t think your guests will argue against you monopolizing that category.

Best Makeup and Hairstyling
Not unlike the costume category, makeup and hair can be a lot of fun, and a great way for your guests to express themselves while showing their film-inspired creativity. This can be its own award, and you can encourage your guests to show up with the most outrageous hair and makeup that they can come up with.

Best Sound Mixing
The sound-mixing category is always a fun one with film, but you can interpret this in your own way, by having your guests bring their own Oscar night playlists to be the soundtrack to your event. You can sample the different mixes throughout the night, ultimately picking one champion whose mix of tunes outplayed the rest.
Best Actor/Actress in a Supporting Role
Throwing an extravagant party is no easy task, and you may want to call upon a few close friends to help you prepare. Use your party as an opportunity to thank your friends for all of their help, and highlight the supporting roles they have had in your life. It’ll be a fun way to show your gratitude, and a cute interpretation of this staple Oscar category. You can choose to showcase a few friends with a special gift, or take this time to acknowledge all of your guests for the roles they have in your life, and treat them to movie-inspired party favors like these as a way to say thank you.

Best Picture
Best Picture is the ultimate award, long awaited and highly coveted. For your Oscar party, you can use this category to showcase the big prize of the night, (last year I used and have some fun with how your guests can claim this award. If you’re feeling artsy and want your guests to join in on the fun, take the “Best Picture” term literally and have your guests draw or paint a movie scene of their choosing. The “best picture” of the bunch will win, adding another dimension to the Oscars, and giving your guests another friendly competition to take part in.


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