Golden Glow

(Dress: Lilly Pulitzer, Jewelry: Anna & Ava) 

One of the most beautiful evenings we enjoyed on the islands was spent having dinner with a beautiful view of the sunset. We wandered over to a neighboring resort for a little exploring, and ended up finding the most lovely of pathways leading out to the sea. The sun's fading glow illuminated the sky with such soft, golden light, and we couldn't resist a few photos while taking in all the beauty of the evening's majestic arrival. I took full advantage of the fact that bright colors are found just about everywhere you look, and took the opportunity to bring out some fun gowns and pretty pieces that would compliment the island's natural beauty. This dress was one of the first things to make it into the suitcase, as it's playful floral print and beautiful color story reminds me of the hues found in the forests of the upcountry part of the island. 


ashley said...

golden glow indeed! Stunning

Candice said...

Thanks, pretty lady! Xo

Candice said...

Thank you, sweet friend! Xo

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