5 Questions To Ask Yourself Right Now

It's good to do a self-check every once in awhile so you can congratulate, re-calibrate, or set a date..for a new goal (sorry, just had to rhyme the last one!). We come to many intersections in life, and it is good to know how to make decisions that will positively impact our direction. We can add things to our lives, subtract from them, or swap something we do have for something we don't. It is critical to know when to do which of the above options. I'm currently doing some self-checking, goal setting, and habit creating, so I thought I'd share a few questions that have helped me in this process....

1. Are you giving attention to your soul?

2. Are you doing challenging or uncomfortable things? 

3. What are you doing to develop the habit of character growth?

4. Do you consistently serve others and put them first?

5. Where have you placed the majority of your focus up to this point in your life? Does it need to stay there, be adjusted, or change altogether? 

I challenge you to spend a few moments answering these questions for your own life...go ahead and even journal some of the answers on a piece of paper, and see where you are in terms of the goals you've set. Are you on the way to where you want to be? If yes, fantastic! Keep it up! If not, don't beat yourself up over it, just re-adjust your goals and priorities, and set some exciting benchmarks along the way to achieving the life you want! It's been said that the pathway to success is not an elevator...you always have to take the stairs. Remember that in the process, while it may be tough or uncomfortable, you become a person of character.

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