Made to Shine

Recently I've been thinking about this idea of shining/glowing/luminous/radiant nature. We crave light, but at the same time it exposes our weaknesses. In the darkness we can hide a collection of secrets, but it is the light that brings to life the passion and purpose within. It seems as though we are often told to suppress the light or to dim our light in order to not offend or intimidate others. I think we are afraid to shine at times because we do not know what incredible potential God has placed within. Or perhaps we are afraid of what we are truly capable of if we really decided to embrace our calling.  It comes as no surprise that we are attacked almost daily on the basis of keeping our light dim... we're told to fit in, embrace the status quo, stick with the crowd... just. be. normal. 
What if we weren't created for normal? What if 'dim' isn't wasn't what we were designed for? 

What if...

We chose to embrace the light instead of darkness?
We saw ourselves as people of talent, ability, and passion?
We answered the calling to shine and dispel the darkness?
We realized we were made to shine in order that our light would illuminate the lives of others, so they feel the freedom to do the same? 

What if you knew that we were designed to be creatures of radiance not creatures of darkness?

You are not created for average, normal, weak, dim, or boring. You are a reflection of incredible love, life, and beauty. Regardless of whether you realize it or even see it within yourself yet, your life was made for brilliance, not shadows. 

Playing it safe, just blending in, and following the crowd does not serve the only keeps you from an incredible life. Decide not to hold back any longer. Your life is in existence for such a time as this, and your radiance will make life worthwhile and contribute much to this world. Choose it and use it. 

Your true nature is not darkness. You have been created for light. You have brilliance within. 

Shine bright. 

p.s. I just want to say a BIG thank you to all of you for the support and encouragement you have shown over my book! You are awesome. Ok, back to regularly scheduled programming here ;)


Ariel Pyne said...

YES. So much truth in this post! Stepping into the light is even easier when you're living in community and not isolation. More accountability and a thousand times more strength and support. Thank you for your beautiful thoughts!

Candice said...

I so agree, Ariel! It is essential to be in positive, life-giving relationships with other people. They can even help call to light some areas where there is potential or need for improvement! :)

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