Average Is Easy

Average is easy. It's not overly hard to achieve the status quo, and the danger lies in staying there, simply because it's comfortable. The problem with staying in the "average zone" is that we never achieve our potential there. You never know what kind of person you could be or what you could accomplish if you only achieve average results. Allowing your mind to dream and your heart to soar means finding the courage to step out in faith. If we listen to the voices around us, there's often a combination of those who want to hold you back, and those who want to see you succeed. The challenge for you and I is to choose who we listen to. Average may be easy, but extraordinary results await the one who has the courage to allow their heart and mind to dream. Refuse to be average. Don't hold yourself back from greatness any longer; pursue the incredible passions and dreams God placed in your heart. When you operate in your areas of strength and passion, you'll find that the results are absolutely incredible. 

If you want to take the next step toward living a life of greatness, I would suggest checking out the book that my good friend Jenni and I wrote together! We share our experience with finding our purpose, following your dreams, real beauty secrets, and other valuable life lessons. 
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Kerri GWAL said...

Love this quote, my friend! Definitely something that's been on my heart and mind lately. Xoxo!

Candice said...

Thanks, girl! It is so important to remember that we were designed for far more than simply average!

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