5 Ways To Break a Bad Habit

Most of us, at some point, have found ourselves in a habit that perhaps isn't the best, or leading us in the direction that heads for success. While it's easy to complain about habits as hinderances, it's better to break them, in order that they are replaced with beneficial, success-building actions! Ready to make some changes? Here's a few ideas to get the job done!

1. Change your self-talk.
Our words have such incredible power, and most times we don't give a second thought to the words we speak, let alone the inner dialogue that takes place within our minds. Do your words speak of positivity, success, health, life, and strength? Or do you constantly put yourself down, shackling your spirit? By changing your self-talk to that of encouragement, positive thoughts, and goal-oriented speech, you'll find a major attitude change, and renewed strength to change your habits!
2. Change your environment.
Our environment is a major factor in the habit patterns we choose. Does your environment allow you to grow, learn, create, and achieve? Or does it hold you back, and continue to provide negative input and compromising situations? Be aware of where you are, and if your environment is not benefitting you, change it! You are not a tree; you can get up and move somewhere else.
3. Replace the bad habit with a good habit.
It is not simply enough to break a bad habit; we must replace the old habit with a new, beneficial one. After all, we are creatures of habit, and will create a new routine, so you may as well choose what it looks like. Instead of waiting for something else to come along, choose what you'll do instead of engaging in the previous behavior or attitude. It's amazing to see how little you'll miss that bad habit once your new habit is in place!
4. Be Accountable to Someone. 
Accountability is key to achievement. If you want to grow, succeed, and accomplish anything in this life, you'll realize that you can't do it alone. We need one another, and having someone that can encourage you and ask the right questions along the way, to ensure that you're sticking to your plan, is a winning formula. Be sure to choose someone who you admire, respect, and can keep confidences.
5. Be deliberate, persistent, and consistent.
Honestly, this one is applicable to anything you want to achieve in life. Deliberate action leads to specific reactions. You get what you put into something, and to change a habit, you'll need to become deliberate about change. Sometimes this is uncomfortable...wait, scratch that, it's always uncomfortable, but that's good! Change only takes place outside your comfort zone. Fact of life. Push yourself to be persistent in your actions, consistent in character, and you'll find that your bad habits are soon things of the past.

What habits do you need to change? Challenge yourself to begin the change process today. You can do it! Have a fantastic week ahead!

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