5 Signs You're Leading At Your Personal Best

We all have influence in different situations, and as a leader, it is imperative to know how to lead at a high level. When we're operating in the area of our personal best, we'll see these 5 common factors, whether it is in the corporate sector, creative community, or in ministry. Check to see if your current area of leadership is allowing you to lead at your personal best. Here's a few indications...

When a leader is at their personal best, they:

1. Challenge the process.
Just because things have been done a certain way out of tradition does not mean that it is most efficient or effective. Leaders operating at their personal best are innovating, creating, and discovering new options.

2. Inspire a shared vision.
No one gets anywhere alone, ever. To create the greatest momentum among a team or an organization, it is all about inspiring the team to buy into and catch hold of a shared vision. Together everyone achieves more.

3. Enable others to act.
Empowering others is a skill of a strong leader. A leader operating at their personal best will speak to the potential in others, and empower and enable them to operate in those areas of greatest strength. Strong leaders do not hoard tasks and withhold opportunities from their teams for fear of losing power.

4. Model the way.
A leader is the one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way. A leader operating at their personal best is consistently exampling how to be a person of good work ethic, integrity, humility, character...etc. If you want others to do the right thing, example it for them.

5. Encourage the heart.
The strongest leaders are those who speak life, encouragement, and positivity into their people. They are aware of the needs of their team, and are willing to set aside tasks for the care of relationships. To make the biggest strides toward positive progress, a leader operating in their personal best is able to uplift and encourage the hearts of their people.

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