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Is there anything more fun than the excitement of summer travel? I sure love a day off here and there to explore, relax at the beach, or swim in the pool. Now that those long, sun-drenched days are officially here, I've got travel on the brain. Here's a few of my favorite tips for a island vacay.

1. Plan Ahead
It can be an overwhelming process to pack the day before you leave, so skip the frustration, and plan out your outfits ahead of time. I like to lay everything out before putting it in my suitcase, so I bring the right pieces and avoid overpacking. Here's a fun couple of lists to help get you started.

2. Do Your Research
While there's definitely something to be said about spontaneity; however, you don't want to miss out on some amazing memories because you didn't plan enough time or pack properly for them. It's really beneficial to do a little searching around to see what local hangouts, beaches, activities, and events are close by the area. You never know what kinds of local gems are just waiting for your discovery! 

3. Enjoy the moment
Nothing against documenting that perfect sunset or picturesque vista, but remember to enjoy the moment! In our world of technology and constant barrage of social media updates, it's easy to focus on trivial things and miss the beauty of the place you're in! Vacation is a time to get away, relax, and recharge...don't worry, your social tech world will be there when you return. Let yourself be "out of office" for a bit, and you'll find that it does wonders for your creativity and stress level. 

There you have it! Three of my top tips for a fun, relaxing, and fabulous vacation this summer. 
Bon voyage!  

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