3 Major Questions For Those in the Pursuit of a Successful Life

We're all striving for a better life, and while there's many things we can do to improve or adjust our current circumstances to grow and achieve, answering these three questions will have an incredibly powerful effect on one's personal direction and growth. It has often been said that what we think determines what we believe; what we believe influences what we choose; what we choose defines what we are; and what we are attracts what we have. If that's the case, we must be aware of how our thoughts are affecting the direction of our lives. What kinds of things will influence our thoughts? Attitude is a major determining factor in how our lives turn out; however, we must also consider the kinds of influences we accept from other people. Everyone needs others to come along and help them in achieving their dreams. How we feel about ourselves is a matter of choice, yet how we feel is often influenced by the associations we have. With that in mind, ask yourself these three incredibly important questions to determine if your associations and relationships are providing the kind of influence that is beneficial to your best life:

1. Who am I around?
Take a personal inventory of the relationships that are closest to you. What kind of attitudes, conversations, and decisions do they partake in on a daily basis? Weigh the effect that they're having on you and your life. 

2. What effect are they having?
It is essential to be deliberate about the kind of input that we receive and accept as reality in our lives. While it may be some minor habit or negative thoughts and opinions, those small behaviors, over the passing of time will become deeply rooted habit patterns in your own life. Is that the kind of influence you want in your life? If it is positive, continue to invest time in that relationship, but if not, it may be time to make some changes. 

3. Is that acceptable?
Personal growth is not always the easiest to work on, but remember that the worst days experienced by those who give attention to their relationship input, and utilize self-discipline are better than the best of days of those who don't give any thought to it. Recognize when it is time to part ways with someone who is not having a positive effect on your life. It is not worth investing into a relationship or association that is inhibiting your growth.

Remember this, it is better to spend a little time with the right people, than to spend a lot of time with the wrong people. Surround yourself with winners and positive people of character! You and your future are so worth it!

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