Better Together

(image credit: Peter Lee)

We live in a self-focused society. We're all about the things that will cater to our needs, wants, and wishes. With iPhones and selfies, it is no wonder that we can become so focused on our own lives that we forget the power of community. I love my iPhone and admit to participating in the selfie trend; however, I cannot help but be reminded of the incredible power of relationships. We were not designed to be alone, man is not an island. We need one another. There's something that you bring to the world that I do not. My purpose on earth is different than yours, and instead of comparing one to another, we should celebrate the differences! I am always interested when some one is praised as "self-made" because no one truly accomplishes anything great without help from someone else. Everyone needs other people to help them in the process of achieving their dreams. Whether that help is something big or small, everyone experiences the input and influence of others. The late Jim Rohn said something powerful in regard to this concept.

He says, "We become a powerful force when each of us understands how powerful all of us are and when all of us understand how valuable each of us is."

You are created to great things in this world, but you are not called to do it alone! We all benefit from the help, encouragement, and support from others around us. Life is always more fun when lived with other people, and when you succeed, there's someone to celebrate with! Take a good look at your recent successes. Who played a part, big or small, in that victory? Have you ever thanked them for it? It's amazing to see the kind of things that we can accomplish when we all work together, not simply competing, but rather, completing one another. There's a reason that people say, "teamwork makes the dream work". Life is far sweeter when we appreciate the beauty and the differences in other people. It is good to step out of our own life bubble for a bit, and to invest in someone else. What kinds of things could we accomplish if we decided to work together? Challenge yourself to invest into the relationships in your life, and I can promise that you will find that we are all truly better together.

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