What are your goals? We throw that word around a lot, take a look at the phrase #goals and you'll find a variety of images and words that have been attached to it, yet not all of them are actually things that would qualify as true goals that people want to achieve. Goals give us vision, passion, and a desire to change, obtain, create, or work hard for something. Goals give meaning to our lives, and can push you and I to do more than we may have first thought possible. If you don't already, set aside a time to look at the major areas of life: business, home, social, physical, mental, and spiritual, and create a plan. As you plan, make sure that your goals are in line with your mission statement (if you don't have one yet, here's a guide to help you create one). Some people say to work with a 10 year, 5 year, and then a 1 year plan. What I like to do, personally, is to write out 8-10 goals for the year, and also write out a broader view of where I want to be in 5 years. This not only gives me some direction, but then allows me to ensure that the goals I'm setting for this year are in line with where I want to be in 5 years. Choose a system that works well for you. Someone once said that if goals aren't written down, they are only pipe dreams. Let's leave the pipe dreams behind and make things reality in our lives! Ready to get to work? Here's three key steps to help you in the process of setting and achieving your goals.

1. Verbalize: Tell yourself aloud what you're going to do. Write out your goals on an index card, and read your goals (written in present tense..'I am, I have') out loud to yourself every morning, every night. Tell others what you are in the process of working for so they can help you to reach your goal.

2. Visualize: See yourself doing or accomplishing your goal. The more feelings and emotion you can attach to the goal, the better!

3. Vitalize: Actually do what you set out to do! Goals don't work unless you do! Get out there and start on the process to accomplishment.

Don't ever be complacent with where you are. You can always keep growing! Think about where you want to be and the many things you can accomplish in a year, and then write it down. Here's to a successful year ahead! You can do it!

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