What Matters Most

As the sobering events continued to unfold worldwide last week, we were both rocked and reminded to focus on what matters most in life. It's easy, isn't it, to get wrapped up in the little details, and to be so tunnel vision that we get fanatical about things that don't really matter.

Have you ever been so busy creating a lifestyle that you forget to really live your life? I mean more than just existing and going about routines. Have you stopped and thought about the last time you were grateful for the basic things? Life. Breath. Sunshine. So many people live their lives looking down, so focused on their own little world, that they forget to look up, look around, and appreciate. It's not just a matter of taking in the surroundings, but actually focusing on what matters most in life. Who cares if you make millions if your family life is in shambles? What difference does it make if your work attendance is perfect, but you never have time to enjoy a beautiful day or catch up with a good friend? Balance. All of life is a balance, and it's easy to get out of balance if we're not careful. Instead of debating the small nuances, practice gratitude, inspire change and growth.

Today I encourage you to not only focus on what matters most, but to take time to be grateful for those things we often take for granted. Hug your loved ones, give someone a smile, do something kind for another person. Allow someone grace instead of taking offense and be passionate about the things that will make a positive difference. Live your life, rather than casually observing or vicariously living through other's virtual highlight reels. Ask yourself, what matters most to you? Is it worth living for? As you begin to answer that question, with greater focus on the things that have true value, I have no doubt that you will discover an incredible, beautiful, full life that's worth living. Embrace it; this is the life you have been designed for.

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