6 Qualities of Successful Leaders

Not all leaders are successful at leading. Sometimes people are placed in a position of leadership, yet never truly accomplish their full potential or develop a successful method of working with and leading teams. John Maxwell has said that leadership is influence, nothing more and nothing less. If that is the case, most of us have been placed in a role of influence whether or not we may realize it. In order to grow and develop in our leadership abilities, it is essential to look for certain qualities that successful leaders cultivate and exercise. Take a look at your own life, and see how many of these are part of your leadership and character.

1. Honesty

2. Respect for others and their opinions

3. Superb communication skills

4. Decisiveness

5. Courage

6. Confidence

How many of these are a part of your leadership style? If you're like me, there's always areas where you can grow and continue to cultivate these kinds of character traits into your influence. Leaders are always held to a higher standard, and these kinds of qualities will continue to propel you, and the teams you lead, toward success. I encourage you to add to this list, and think of some qualities in other significant, successful leaders that you admire, and begin to implement some of those characteristics into your own life. As Jim Rohn says,

"Each of us should be in constant search of people we admire and respect, people after whom we can pattern part of our own behavior. Regardless of our age or circumstances, we are never beyond the reach of influence."

Know that as a leader, you can continually grow and make a significant difference through your influence. Continue to cultivate these qualities and others that will lead you toward success.

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