Kitchen Confidential: My Go-To Smoothie

Today's post is all about food! I don't know about you, but I love smoothies. It's fun to get creative combining all kinds of ingredients to create delicious new flavors. Many mornings I'll want something that is simple, quick, and nutritious, and keeps me full until lunch time. I was all about the fruit smoothies until this fantastic recipe for a Chocolate Banana version entered the scene as a recommendation from a friend. Now this is definitely the go-to favorite that I enjoy for breakfast, lunch (at times), or even a snack after a workout. I may be just a little bit obsessed...maybe ;) It's sweet and creamy thanks to the frozen bananas and packs a protein punch that keeps you fueled and full until your next meal! Trust me, one sip and I think you'll have a new favorite too!  Enjoy!

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