4 Ways to Improve Your Life Right Now

I boarded my flight and upon settling into my seat, promptly took out a pen and notebook and began, for the next hour, writing out a self-evaluation of where I was in my life at this point.
Summer is always a checkpoint time for me and the goals I've set, and I take advantage of my travel time to get this very important task accomplished. Perhaps it's fact that I'm not on the ground running through my day, or the seemingly "lack of routine responsibilities" while in flight that causes me to focus more on the various areas of life that I can improve upon before the year's end. Regardless of the reason, I'm intentional about investing this time in my personal inventory and improvement. As I was doing some of this on a recent trip, I thought about some of the lessons I've learned and areas I've been working to improve. Some of these have turned into posts here on the blog from time to time, and I wanted to share four of them with you in the hope that you may be experiencing and/or learning some of these also.

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