In the Moment

"So what does it matter in the moment?" We often ask ourselves questions like this, thinking that the little things don't seem to mean that much in the grand scheme of life. It's easy to rationalize things to become seemingly insignificant, but in actuality, every moment matters. Life is comprised of little moments strung together. Some of the happiest and most joyful memories are created in the shortest flickers of time.

When we look at what separates the winners from the losers, the successful from the unsuccessful, it comes down to a small margin of differentiation. Upon further examination, we can trace that back to the habits (read more about habits here) and seemingly small decisions made day in and day out. You see, success is not necessarily about large quantum leaps but rather the consistent compounding of choices over time.
Consequently, the chasm between you and your goals is made up of tons of tiny steps, one foot after another, series of intentional decisions. What is simple and easy to do is also easy not to do. It is easy to get up and exercise and it is just as easy to sleep in. It is easy to read books that will expand your thinking and it is just as easy to mindlessly scroll on social media. It is the simple, positive decisions that make the biggest difference. Easy to do, easy not to do. The choice is always yours...and so are the results. Remember, every moment matters.


Anonymous said...

After sending my oldest off to college this year, I realize it was all of those tiny moments together that added up to so much. I think it is what I mss the most with her gone, just the every day moments that add up to a lifetime of memories!

Candice said...

Hi Jennifer!
Yes, it is sometimes the smallest things that make the greatest memories or impact! I'm sure your daughter treasures those memories just as much as you do! :)

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