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Recently, I've been doing some study on teams and how leadership affects the growth and health of a team. The reality is, we're all part of some sort of team. It may be a work team, school team, sports team, family team, or relationship team. The team may be a team of 2, 20, 200, or 2000; regardless of situation or size, the same principles still apply. We all need to know how to operate as good team players whether we are in leadership roles or not. It's easy to want to pass off responsibility to the leader or to shy away from the spotlights if you're inexperienced, but in order to become better, we have to step up to the challenge of improvement.
Winning teams have players who make things happen, and since life is not a solo sport, we'd better get good at becoming positive influencers and team players who get things accomplished. How do we do it? Here's three suggestions:

1. Find a mentor: The best way to get better at something is to invest time with someone who is better at it than you are. If you're at the highest level of those in the room, find a different room. We can always learn and grow from people who are challenging us to get to new heights.

2. Begin a growth plan: Results do not happen by accident; we must be intentional and deliberate with our investment of time and effort if we want to see a change. A detailed list of specific action steps you can take to further develop and grow your skills and abilities is going to be the catalyst for increased improvement.

3. Get out of your comfort zone: Guess what? Charting the unknown is the only way to experience new growth. Nothing great ever came from staying in your comfort zone, so get comfortable with being uncomfortable. This may mean doing something for someone else, going out of your way, changing your routine, or facing a fear. You've got to change to grow. You'll never know how much you could accomplish by simply remaining where you are.

It's been said that everyone wins when a leader gets better, and by growing in your ability to be someone who gets things accomplished, every team you're on and every relationship you have will benefit!

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