5 Ways to Make Your Workday More Productive

It's that transition time again, and we're all thinking about getting into new routines, starting back to school, and switching over from long summer days to cool fall evenings. With the change in season comes the perfect opportunity to give your productivity and work habits a little boost. Here's five simple ways to make the most of your time, get inspired, and increase your success.

1. Create a routine that will create consistency and success. 
Here's the deal: we achieve success by being strategic, consistent, and persistent. Success is not an overnight job, and we have to break the mold of instant gratification that society so tightly holds onto. Take 30 minutes to an hour for yourself and write out exactly what you want your routine to look like, how much time you're allotting for each activity, and commit to following it.

2. Know when it is time to take a break and rest.
Putting in consistent effort is hard and results don't come overnight, so the option to just give up can seem like a good idea, especially when we are tired. Instead of running yourself ragged, know your limits---both physically and mentally---and plan time for creative rejuvenation. We have to unplug, relax, and renew our spirits. It is essential to productivity and success. Resting is not a sign of weakness, but rather a sign of wisdom. Marathon runners know when to increase speed and when to conserve energy to make it for the long haul. The same is true in our daily life and workday routine. Know when to push the limit and when it's time to take a break. Don't give up because of fatigue; instead, regain your strength and get ready to persist once again!

3. Decide to see the good in every situation. 
It's amazing to see how swiftly things can turn around when we turn our attitude in a new direction. A tough situation becomes a learning experience and an opportunity for growth. Attitude is everything, so make sure yours is helping you go in the right direction. What you look for, you're sure to find. Seeking the things that could go wrong? Always looking with a critical eye? You're going to find exactly that. Looking for the good, the fun, and the positive? You're sure to see all that and enjoy the ride! Train your mind to always be looking for the good in everything. Choose a good attitude and you'll find that your days are happier because of it.

4. Engage the important, not simply urgent.
We're bombarded with a variety of urgent requests throughout the day. The day begins and suddenly we're in a swirl of emails, calls, notifications, reports, meetings, to-do lists, texts, errands, events...there's always something popping up to grab our attention. Whew! No wonder we're exhausted by 2pm, ready to grab our next cup of coffee to get us through the afternoon. We do so much, yet we feel like we've not accomplished enough of what needs to be done. The problem is that we're allowing our energy and attention to be diverted in too many directions. Sure there's lots of things that are "urgent", but are they actually important? Facebook/Instagram notifications....may seem urgent, definitely not important. Time with the family? Important. Instead of allowing your energy to simply be allocated by reaction, be intentional and choose to invest your time in the things that are of most importance. Prioritize by productivity and your days will reflect it!

5. Decide to quit procrastinating and take action. 
You knew we'd end up talking about this subject, didn't you? Procrastination is the result of laziness, fear, and doubt. We think of all the things that could go wrong, the discomfort of the process, or the investment required and we talk ourselves right off the starting block. We stare at the blinking cursor of a blank page, hold the phone in our hand--waiting to make the call, and create lists of things to check off...all avoiding the seemingly impossible task at hand. Procrastination is not as tough of an enemy as it may seem, especially when we come at it armed with action. Here's my suggestion: do the toughest thing on your list first. Make the call, have the conversation, write the email...whatever that task is, do it. Once you've gotten it done, you'll not only feel better, but it will give you the boost to glide through the rest of your day with ease and energy. Productivity, here you come!

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