Motivation Monday

 It's time for a check-in. How are you doing? What goals are you working on currently?

I recently took some time to do a self-evaluation of my progress and goals from the last few months. This process is such a necessary part of achievement for me, and I often find that if I am not consistent with this self-accountability, the results of my productivity reflect it. Part of this process is focused on environment, specifically, the words I allow to encourage and inspire me, and I wanted to share a few of the ideas and quotes that have been motivating me lately. Words are powerful, and often we don't give a second thought to the ones we use and listen to. Part of the challenge for me, and you also if you choose, is to be mindful of what we feed our minds. What makes up the environment in which we operate on a daily basis? Does it include words that inspire, invigorate, and empower us to achieve great things? Do you use words that build yourself up internally? How about the words you use toward others--are they encouraging, positive, and life-giving? If not, what changes need to be made in order for us to both live in and create an environment that includes words that create positive growth and success? Here's a few questions that I used to help start the conversation in my own life.

What is inspiring you this month? 
What does your internal and external dialogue sound like? Do I need to make any changes?
How are you doing on your progress toward your goals?

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