How To Be More Positive

A positive life is something that we all desire; I have yet to meet someone who truly wants to be miserable day in and day out. I've encountered so many people who express their desire to become more positive or recognize the need for a better outlook on life. Here's the truth: Our lives go in the direction of our strongest thoughts. 

Sometimes, we may find ourselves in different circumstances than we planned, or perhaps are facing an unexpected challenge, and it can be easy to fall into a 'reactionary' type of mood. Most of the time, those reactionary moods or thoughts are not taking us in a direction of positive growth, so it's important to know how to switch directions quickly! If you want to take your life to the next level, a positive mindset is essential. Here's three simple tips to help you become more positive and less stressed!

1. Edit your environment. 
This is such a great starting point because our environment dictates so much of who we become. Look at the music you listen to, movies you watch, people you invest time with, books you read and social accounts you follow. What sort of messages or ideas are you filling your life with? A negative environment will produce negative attitudes. We live on the level of our input--this is a great time to make some changes. Cutting out the clutter of mental junk (bad music, movies, tv shows or negative self-talk, etc.) will make a major difference in your life. Remember to replace it with good things like new goals, encouraging words, and positive people. You may encounter all kinds of thoughts, but remember, it is always your choice of which you'll entertain. 

2. Get outside. 
It is so simple to get caught up in all the activities and work of the week that we miss spending a moment or two outdoors. There's something so peaceful and refreshing about the sunshine on your face, a cool breeze, a hike in the woods, the sound of the waves, or the brilliant colors of sunrise and sunset. If you start to feel overwhelmed or stressed with all that's on your schedule or perhaps need a boost, a few minutes outside will do the trick. Personally, I like to head out to the beach for a sunset after a hectic day; the waves and beautiful colors can transform even the most trying of moments. 
p.s. Leave your phone off for a bit--it's ok (encouraged, even!) to disconnect from tech and reconnect with yourself and nature.

3. Make a gratitude list.
Don't wait for Thanksgiving. It's never too early to start thinking about gratitude. When we take the focus off ourselves and whatever problems we may be facing, it's amazing how our perspective begins to change. One practice I've enjoyed cultivating in my own life is a gratitude journal. I like to take a few moments each day to list 5 things I'm grateful for. In doing so, it places my focus on celebrating the many blessings and great moments I have been given. When you look for the good, you'll find it. We will see an increase in wherever area we place our focus. 

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