Opportunity Awaits

I've been thinking a lot about opportunities and how often they come disguised as something else. Sometimes it is the challenging situations, or the seemingly mundane tasks that are there for us to discover an important lesson about others or ourselves, if only we are open to learning. I love how Morgan Harper Nichols (her work is amazing, btw!) says that gratitude and hope can teach us something everyday. Perhaps the moments spent waiting on someone or something, the everyday routines, and things we take for granted are opportunities for hope and gratitude to be a teacher. May they allow us to slow down, savor, and be present. May we see lessons and not hinderances, hope and not frustration, gratitude instead of taking things for granted. Perhaps this perspective shift will show you that there's opportunities all around-- if only we are willing to pause and ready to receive them. I challenge you (and I) to allow gratitude and hope to be our lens through which we see the world. 

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