Tuesday Thoughts

Today is a great day, so far! I hope you're enjoying it as well! It seems like the perfect day to share another list of things I like with you, so enjoy!

Music Suggestion:
 Anymore by Emmy Rossum from Inside Out (Her ethereal voice just floats beautifully over the dreamlike violins and music box chimes in the background; I love it!)

I love spending time with my friends! I went to a charmingly cozy coffee shop with a good friend of mine yesterday, and we sipped on smoothies and shared a sweet cinnamon treat. She interviewed me for an art research project that will produce some really interesting results in its culmination. I am very excited to see where it will take her!

I absolutely love to lay outside in the hammock that's in my backyard to read. The weather has been such that the sunshine and the cool breeze make it lovely to sit out for hours. I'm currently finishing up Forgotten God by Francis ChanHe writes in such a conversational style that it seems as though I am sitting across from him in a Starbucks somewhere just listening to his wisdom.
 I made a list of all the books that I am going to read over the summer; there's a whole stack that's been sitting in my room for months, so I'll pack them in my bag for traveling entertainment.

I love being around and riding horses. There is something so regal and free about the picture of a galloping horse. Their wild beauty is something that many people have captured in novels, movies and pictures. Riding is one of the most exhilarating activities. I look forward to doing some riding this summer. If there's a stable or place where you can help out or volunteer to work with some horses, I suggest you take the opportunity! I worked at a summer camp that gave kids the chance to take care of a miniature horse for a week (yes, miniature. Not to be confused with a baby horse, which is called a foal!); it was such fun!

I love to take pictures, so am going to challenge myself to take a picture a day during my travels, so I can make a photo journal of my experiences. If you're doing any traveling this summer, why don't you take the challenge with me! You'll enjoy looking back on the memories later!

I love tea, and the elegance that comes with the tradition of high tea. If you've never had afternoon high tea, I encourage you to grab your girlfriends and go to a tea shop where you can experience the lovely teacups filled to the brim with your favorite tea and the scones with jam served to you with silver spoons and lacy napkins. Such fun!

Well, I hope you're having a wonderful day! If it's sunny where you are, go on out and enjoy it! It's lovely! Break out of the routine and admire the beauty that surrounds you!

Listen to what God says to Job,

Job 37:14 "Listen to this, Job; stop and consider God's wonders."

Blessings and Admiration,


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a girl with a smile said...

What a lovely post! Thank you for sharing your thoughts <3

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