Looking Back Through the Lens

Good Afternoon!

I came back home from my travels with 5000+ pictures and a full suitcase, and needless to say, I have truly fallen in love with Europe. I had some amazing experiences, and I cannot put into words to explain to you how much I have enjoyed the time spent over there. I committed to take a picture a day as a project and journal my experiences, so I thought I'd share with you the one-a-day photo project with you now! Enjoy!

Day 1: My room for most of the trip

Day 2: This church is over 1000 years old!

Day 3: Lisa and Jacob

Day 4: Room in Bergen

Day 5: Walking through quaint European towns

Day 6: Train trip from fields and farms to arctic tundra type conditions
 (Random Fact: They filmed scenes from Star Wars here) 

Day 7: Sightseeing

Day 8: Parade for National Holiday

Day 9: The beautiful view from the Opera House is picture worthy.

Day 10: I don't want to say goodbye..
(Confession: I did not take this picture because I was trying to just soak the image in before I left..but my friend took it, so it's close enough, right?)

Well, I hope you enjoyed a snippet of what went on during my travels. This was just the start..I'll be leaving again fairly soon for another fun destination! I hope that you too are journaling your adventures this summer!  
There's just something about traveling the world that really causes you to do two things:
1. Realize how big God is, and how beautifully he has created the Earth
2. Realize that there is more life out there than just yours.

If you get the chance, please travel and go on adventures, even if they are just in your own city. You'll be surprised what you discover!

It's off to unpacking now!

Blessings and Sweet Memories of World Travels,


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