Memories of May

Listening to: Defying Gravity by Glee Cast
Reading: What A Girl Wants by Kristin Billerbeck (a charmingly witty and fun read! I highly reccommend it!)

It's the last day of May! When I look back to the beginning of this month, and go back through all it's happenings, I cannot believe how busy it's been! I am thankful for everything I have learned and experienced this's a few snapshots of some highlights.

I hope you enjoyed your month of May as well! I shall share more later..

Good Evening!

Blessings and May Memories,



a girl with a smile said...

May was filled with charming memories. June and July won't be no exception; you're off to make more.

Candice said...

yes. I agree!! You as well, I'm sure! :)

*Ashley* said...

did you take those photos? they are great! i especially like the suilluete ones. (not sure if i spelled that right...prolly not.) :) your off to a good start on your blog! i love the layout!

Candice said...

Yes, I did! (except for the ones of the 3 friend took those!) I was quite happy with the way the silhouette ones turned out! :) Thank you, Ashley!

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