The Greening Effect

Listening to:  Light Up the Sky: The Afters

As I look out my window by the desk, the sun is just setting and the world seems to be glowing the palest of lime greens. It's that moment right before you know the clouds are going to burst forth with showers, or perhaps the quiet rumble of thunder will continue to fade as the summer storm changes direction. The cicadas are chirping and it seems as though magic could sparkle through at any moment. The air is damp with moisture it wants to rain down upon the dry ground. We'll see if this storm makes it through.. Either way, I just want to curl up with some tea and a good's a few suggestions of well loved ones that are on my bookshelf.
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Crazy Love: Francis Chan
She's All That: Kristen Billerbeck
Spring Broke: Melody Carlson
Chasing Daylight: Erwin McManus
Style: Kate Spade

'Faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.' 1 Cor 13:13




char said...

this post is beautiful, beautiful... your words are so vivid, dear! it's raining where i am at the moment, and i'm about ready to snuggle up with some coffee and a good read! great books, erwin mcmanus is awesome!
thank you so so much dear, for following me :)


a girl with a smile said...

I walked right into the middle of the storm. Rain tickled my skin and it felt nice. I could use some tea as I read an amazing book. We need to swap books this fall!
Mail makes our friendship last.

Thank you for such inspiring description of this day.

Candice said...

Char, thank you so much for your kind words! You're an inspiration!


We must swap books for sure! It's going to be a good time to use the good old fashioned version of well as the new forms ;)

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