Summer Saturdays

Hello to all my lovely friends! 

It's been a few weeks since we've last talked, and I have filled them with so many memories that I would love to share with you over a cup of iced tea sometime! I've been challenged to grow, dream, value, run, love, share, laugh, create, lead and become more of the person that I've been created to be. I have 2 notebooks filled with words of wisdom and experiences. I just wanted to share a quick hello with you since I don't have enough time right now to cover everything that's happened..It's been amazing so far to say the least, so expect a whole lot of cool stories to come!!

Sushi, midnight Meijer runs, chinese restaurants, intense drama practices, yacht rides, birthdays, horseback riding, shopping, rainstorms, beach trips..oh my lots of fun! :)

I have to add a sidebar thank you to my lovely friend Ashley for making me the beautiful header for Teatime Thoughts! You are so talented, and I am blessed to know you and have your friendship as a part of my life! Check out her creative thoughts She Smiles, She Writes.
Hope you're enjoying your summer as much as I am!

"Great is thy faithfulness!"



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