New Found Favorite

Bonjour mes amis! I have to tell you all about my new favorite place to get fashion inspiration..
Shabby Apple. com

It reminds me a whole lot of ModCloth which is always brimming over with cute things, but its also got a charming look of its own! The company is completely web-based and has been featured in multiple media organizations such as Teen Vogue, InStyle and more! The website is completely adorable and offers personalized style advice, clothing for individual body types, and lots of cute accessories to accompany the outfits. They do a lot of work with charity organizations, and if I lived in Salt Lake City, I would totally apply to be an intern there! They are pretty reasonably priced, and if your dress doesn't fit correctly or you change your mind, you can send it back and they will send you a new one for free! How cool is that? I've invested a good amount of time just browsing the lovely pictures of pretty frocks and accessories..I am sure you'll find something you just love here!




The Cosmic Blog said...

thats so cool that they send you a new one. i wish everyone did that. i like the necklace

Wanda said...

lovely blog!

a girl with a smile said...

Isn't it just lovely? I love their French lookbook.

Candice said...

I agree Kristina!

Thank you Wanda! yours is quite lovely and inspiring as well :)

Me too Ashley! I would love to be one of their models..gracious!

thelittledeer said...

what a lovely necklace! gorgeous colour.

Jade x

meme-and-he said...

love it!!! Thanks for the recommendation!
Cute blog, by the way. I am glad I came across it :)

m.fay said...

love. your blog is darling.


hope you stop by and say hello!

Candice said...

aww thanks to david-and-emily and m.fay for stopping by!
You both have such beautiful blogs!

Morgan said...

Totally agree! Shabby Apple, Modcloth, and Lulu's all remind me of each other!

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