A Sneak Peek..

Aloha everyone!
I hope you're all enjoying the lovely girls who have been here to hang out with you all so far! Stay tuned for some more awesome posts up ahead!!

My vacation is simply wonderful so far, and I'm in no way ready to come back home...thank goodness we still have some more time to enjoy the islands!
I thought I'd just tease you with a few photos from our adventures thus far...I'm so kind, I know :)
Miss you all!

Hope you're all having a wonderful week! 

Happy Thursday!



Heidi said...

It looks absolutely lovely, so glad you're having a great time! :)

PS. I miss you, too!

Cindy S. - FashionsBeauty said...

Omg, I am so jealous! Need a break that includes gorgeous sun, sea and sand! xoxo


Sarah said...

I love the photos! :) And the beachhh. Such bliss! :) Glad you had an amazing time, Candice! x

Msz Jelenaaa said...

I really like the first photo! That looks gorgeous.
We miss you too candice, cant wait to see your pics when you get back =]

jessica // union shore said...

so beautiful!! so glad you're having a great time!

Shalyn said...

Glad your having fun- fantastic pictures!

thais said...

it sure looks like paradise =) coming from tamara's blog. lovely guest post and nice meeting your adorable blog!

Erin said...

omg! i grew up on the Big Island, and that looks like Honaunau beach! haha, truly miss beach days when Colorado gets cold and snowy :)

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