Inspiring the Artist (Guest Post: Jamie from Memoirs of a Pilgrim)

Hello lovies! This is Jamie from Memoirs of a Pilgrim! 
Candice asked what inspires me; to make this easier on myself I compiled a list of the top ten things that inspire me as a blogger, artist, traveler and young adult. 

1. Yoga
The practice is so relaxing and mind opening in itself but then all the people you meet are so inspiring. I find them very easy to talk to a relate. They also inspire me to do all sorts of proactive life changes since they tend to be very in tune with themselves and the greater-good of the planet. It's a really great and easy practice to get involved with. And now that I'm starting to do it regularly I can feel myself getting all fit and ready to hit the beach *squeal*

2. Local Art
I looooove when I see a successful artist whose style I absolutely love and then find out they live in the same town/city/school as me! I find it incredibly motivating knowing that you don't need to be some big shot city slicker with connections to get noticed and be a great artist. I'm also lucky to have grown up in a small town that was along a highway that leads to a major tourist destination for a lot people living in Chicago. So within a 15/20 minute drive I had two very incredible galleries, once of which hired me as summer help and always was supportive of me taking time off for road trips and art classes. Can we say best summer job eveeer? 

3. Books
Oh dear, Don't get me started. I'm a junkie. Even with an ebook reader I cannot resist going into book stores and picking up books that vary from leatherbound novels to giant national geographic photography books. The feel, the smell, mmmm I love it! And it inspires me to start new projects. Like I recently just picked up a few sewing books and want to start up an etsy shop!

4. Etsy
Speaking of etsy.... although I have yet to buy something, I absolutely love all the creative goods that get posted on that site. And a lot of times they are actually very affordable. Etsy is a very supportive with a strong community that I think every artist should join, even just to look!

5. Sketch booking and Journaling
I have several sketch books/journals floating around both my parent's house in Wisconsin and in storage in Australia. I love clipping interesting finds from magazines and drawing whatever comes to my mind. I also like to make descriptive entries of my travels, it's fun to look back and see what I was really thinking   while everything was happening. They can even inspire some some later pieces of art that I absolutely love. Whenever I need some motivation, my trusty sketchbooks are always there to help!

6. Weekend escapes
Unforutnately 9-5 jobs , or in my case 8-6, are hard to avoid if you want money. Let me tell you, no matter where you are jobs still suck. Just because I log those hours in Australia does not make it any better. It's the weekend trips that do! I don't think I'd get through  the chaotic work week without something to look forward to on the weekend. It never has to be anything fancy, just a trip to the beach, art gallery or even just drinks with friends. Either way, there needs to be something! 

7. Magazines
Again, I'm a junkie. I stick to one like Glamour, Women's Health and various art related ones like print. They tend to be very positive and have such an array of [usually] useful information. Not to mention the creative displays of photos and clever adverting (prospecting advertising major here!) that goes on in them.

Coffee Shops
Their warm, inviting atmosphere, comfy couches and displays of local art make me swoon every time. I barely even notice I'm forking nearly $5 for a cup of jo. And not to mention it's a great place to meet up with old friends or listening to all the interesting conversations and debates going on nearby. 

9. Nature
From a nature hike through the woods, snorkeling reefs, or just hanging out on the beach inspires all sorts of creative undertakings. They make for great blog posts, give you props for experimenting with art or just refresh and revitalize your mind. 

10. Traveling
The past few years since I've graduated high school have taken me on journeys I could only have dreamed of back then. I never thought I would have dropped out of college to follow a boy and live in Australia. But you have no idea how glad I am that it did. I honestly think I've learned more in this past year and a half traveling than I ever did while I was in college. The people you meet, the places you see and the adventures of getting there are ALWAYS worth whatever trouble it takes to be there. 

I hope you could find this post inspiring! 
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