Black Swan

(it's a tad blurry...since I had to quickly snap it as soon as they finished)

Melanie Hamrick
(Corps de Ballet memeber with ABT)

Sarah Lane
(Soloist at ABT in New York)

Saturday evening I attended the Festival of Stars ballet performance featuring many international guest artists from some of the top companies in the world. Among them, Sarah Lane, whom you might know as Natalie Portman's dance double from Black Swan. (Sarah was truly the one who did all of the dancing in that movie..just so you know, but that's another post in itself) It was a splendid performance, captivating from start to finish; the dance ranged from modern pieces to the finish of the Black Swan pas de deux from Act III of Swan Lake performed by Sarah Lane and Jose Manuel Carreno. After the performance, I went backstage to meet with some of the dancers, truly an incredible moment! They were all so kind, and willing to chat and take photos. (eek!) Have you been to the ballet before? If not, you should definitely go!

Happy Monday!



Unknown said...

looks like a lovely time :) i've always loved going to the ballet and your outfit is PERFECT for a night out! great bun! xo

Sienna said...

this is beautiful, i miss ballet SO much!!

Candice said...

@Cait Thank you!! Me always makes for a fun evening!

@Sienna You should take some classes :)

Pearl said...

Fun! Love Ballet!


Nikki said...

I'd love to see that! I love the ballet.

Marie said...

What a beautiful experience!:D

I know Natalie didn't do majority of the dancing - just too good to be true!

***** Marie *****

STARZ* said...

Love the dresses! Put your button on my blog!

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