Teatime Thursday

It's that time again..

Current Favorite:
 Spiced Chai

Teatime Thought: 
"There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea." 
 ~Henry James, The Portrait of a Lady

Fact of the Day: 
Tin boxes were too expensive, so New York importer Thomas Sullivan looked for a cheaper way to send his tea samples to clients. Wrapping the tea in gauze "packets" seemed the perfect answer, but his customers were befuddled by the new "packaging." Instead of removing the tea, they plopped it, gauze and all, into boiling water. Without realizing it, Sullivan had created the tea bag!

Happy Thursday!



Chelsea said...

I love these posts - so simple and cool.

Candice said...

Thanks, Chelsea! :)

Anna said...

Love all your note books - and the fact that you're an old school girl - i feel i"m the only person in the world who still uses a daily planner book - NOT an iphone/blackberry/ipad etc etc... glad to see someone else uses pen and paper still!


Candice said...

Thank you! Yes, I'm such an old school girl..as much as I love my Macbook, there's just something so wonderful about scratching a pen across a clean white page..I just love it! :)
Glad to see I'm not alone!

Cindy S. - FashionsBeauty said...

Love all the cute notebooks! I want the second one, looks kind of 'fashion'! xoxo


Katie said...

I was born and raised on chai. It sounds so delicious right now. :)

Anonymous said...

You, sweet girl, are a doll =)

Candice said...

Thanks Ambrosia! :)

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