Fall Favorites: Vol 1

With fall just around the corner, it's fun to think about cooler weather, fall leaves (we don't have much of that where I am, unfortunately!), and cute fall fashion. Even though it won't cool down here for awhile longer, here's a few of my must-haves every time this pretty season comes around. 

*Boyfriend Blazer: this is light enough to throw on for a cool morning or to dress up a simple tee and jeans. 

*Oxfords: I love the classic look of black oxfords..it evokes such a schoolgirl vibe, and can be worn with a floral dress and tights, or under a pair of cute pants.

*Nude polish: Goes with everything, and has a Chanel-like vibe.

*Colored Pants: One of the top trends for fall, and they are so fun! I have a pair of red skinnies that I'm really excited to wear!

*Tinted Lip Balm: When you're running to a morning class, or heading to a meeting, this can make you look awake and fresh while adding just the right amount of color! I'm loving the Palladio tinted lip balm in Rosey. 

All of this makes me so excited for fall...how about you? Any fall favorites?



Devea said...

Love these fall favorites! I definitely agree about the nude nailpolish. :)

Candice said...

Yes! Isn't it the best! I'm wearing it currently! :)

Mikelle Jade said...

oooh ooh I love this all, I just bought a tan bf blazer but I totally want red pants to match now :)

Seriously girl, what have you been up to? It's been so long!

jessica // union shore said...

love your fall faves! i just bought a blazer and can't wait to wear it!! and i'm still in need of colored pants! can't find a pair that i LOVE!

Anonymous said...

I've been doing the nude polish with glitters spots on top. loving it.

Pearl said...

Cute! Love every piece!


Nikki said...

I need to find some red pants. Cute outfit!

Sophie said...

adorable. loving all of it. its making me so excited for autumn...or "fall" haha x

Brooke T said...

Oh my goodness I need all of this too especially the boyfriend jacket and colored pants! how fun :D

Sarah said...

Nude nail polish has always been my favorite! Not only do they go with everything but it makes you look more refined and elegant as well. :)

Hope your week has been amazing, C! xx

Marie said...

I like nude nail polishes and booties for fall!:D

***** Marie *****

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