Three Things on A Thursday

1. Blog dates are the best. Last weekend I had a lucky opportunity to meet up with Jessica from Lovely Little Things, and we had oh so much fun shopping, talking and getting lunch together..(we had quite a lot in common..including a love for all things Zara)! She is so sweet, genuine and all around wonderful. Love her and can't wait until we can meet up again for another shopping trip! :)

2. The winner of the Jasmine & Violets giveaway is Jenni from Jenni Austria Germany! Congrats girl! I'll send you an email so you can pick out your item from Aligna's shop.

3. This verse has stuck with me all week's such a good reminder for whatever situation you find yourself in, and a great attitude to wake up in the morning with.


Jess said...

I just love you!
(and Zara, too obviously ;))

I can't wait for summer!


Unknown said...

I love zara too and as a result it features in my wardrobe far too heavily ;)

Katie said...

cute picture and so fun you got to meet up! and a good reminder with that verse too.

♥B said...

How fun, I love blog dates! :) I wish I lived in Florida so we can plan one too~

♥ B
With Love From Michigan

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