Weekend Wanderings

I've been dreaming about vacations all week long, and I think this weekend will find me enjoying a moment or two by the sea. There's just something about a little salty air, the crashing of the waves and brilliant sunset hues splashed across the sky that can solve any problem, alleviate all stress and rejuvenate the spirit. Here's to a weekend of seaside serenity. 

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Happy Weekend!


Jess said...

I totally agree!
Spending time by the water almost ALWAYS releases me of stresses...it's wonderful :)

Enjoy your time this weekend, beautiful!

Megan said...

You and your words = always beautiful!

Megan @ Storybook Love Affair

Anonymous said...

I love being by the water. The beach is just beautiful and calming.

Stesha said...

lady that blue looks fantastic on you! have fun at the beach!


Susanne said...

I am not a fan of staying at a beach all day but this post made me change my mind and I actually regret that I am not going to spend any time yb the seaside this summer!

Charissa Steyn said...

So thankful that my hubby and I just moved to cape town...having the ocean close by NEVER grows old. Enjoy your weekend ;) Just found your blog today!

Jacqlyn said...

oh how i would love to live by the sea ... the great lakes aren't to bad though ;) happy weekend!

Unknown said...

Have a wonderful weekend Candice! Lovely picture... I wish I could spend a weekend by the seaside. I think I could use that right now. :) Enjoy!

Brittany. said...

You look absolutely stunning, Candice!

Erin James said...

Mm a weekend by the sea sounds lovely :) Enjoy, my dear!

Grace Wainwright said...

The ocean really does cure anything. Since I'm far from one, I resort to the sound of it via iphone (i'd much rather have the real thing).

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