Thoughts on a Thursday

First of all,
I'm so excited to announce the winner of the Stella & Dot giveaway...

Congratulations, Vanessa! :)
Email me and I'll get your earrings on their way to you! 

Secondly, did you know today is National Day of Prayer?

We live in a time when prayer is not just needed, it's essential to life. I challenge you to take a moment or two today to thank God for all that you have been blessed with, as well as lifting up others who are in need. If you get stuck, here's a few ideas of topics you can pray about:

-Pray for people by country
-Governmental leaders
-Persecuted church members
-Your country
-Future plans
-Family & Friends
-Military members

Hope you all have a wonderful day and a fabulous rest of your week!

Happy Thursday!
(I'm praying for you today!)



Kirsten said...

Thank you for posting about the National Day of Prayer. I did not realize that was today.

Also, May 27, 2012 is the Global Day of Prayer.

Most Americans do not understand how privileged we are in the USA. We can pray and serve God will little to no push back. Most countries are not so fortunate. However, they stand up under persecution. Something I do not know if I would be able to do.

-Kirsten from

Unknown said...

:) Always a good day to remember to pray. Today, I'm praying about our country, my friends, family members, and my transition from work life to grad school and a career change. And I shall say one for you too Candice! :)

Elisha said...

congrats vanessa!! (:

and what a BEAUTIFUL post!! <33

Victoria said...

Beautiful post!

Diana Lupu said...

so loved this... and you!!!

Amanda Marshall said...

you are absolutely a precious soul, Candice! love this!

Truly Rachel said...

This is awesome just what we need to do is add our faith together to see our prayers become reality. Great post xoxo

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