Endless Summer: Week 2 :: Summertime DIY

Hi Everyone!
Welcome to Week 2 of the Endless Summer series! Hope you all enjoyed the Beach Beauty tips last week. Big thanks to Dulce for all her fabulous tips and tricks for making summer beauty a breeze! This week we're talking crafts and other fun DIY ideas. I love finding fun things that I can make myself; it is so much fun to be a little creative rather than just buying it at a store. 

To kick things off, I'm going to share a few of my favorite DIY ideas as of late (I have a running pinterest board list of things I want to try, and summer is the perfect time to cross a few things off it! :)

These cute plates would be adorable to eat off of, especially if you made a set! (perfect wedding gift too!)

How fun would this garland be at your next party??! In multiple colors too!

I'm loving this Pretty package wrapping  

Do you have any fun DIY ideas to share?? Leave them in the comments below! 
Stay tuned for some fun crafts and things ahead this week!

Here's to a great week ahead!


Lauren said...

I love DIYs! The garland is sooo cute and perfect for a party! Such a great idea; thanks for sharing!

Kristen Thornburg said...

Just found your blog & I am loving it! :)

Mikelle Jade said...

I love those little boxes. Great links :)

Julia D. said...

Those all look like so much fun! I'm going to be making some DIY decor projects for my house soon, but that's about it.

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