My 5 Favorite Summer Essentials

Hi Everyone! I hope you've been enjoying Beach Beauty week so far! 
When Summer arrives, I'm not one to pile on the products. It's far too hot to wear much makeup, and I want my routine to be as simple and easy as possible. Here's my tried and true favorites that make getting ready a breeze!
I am absolutely in love with this product. Not only does it give you a great, believable color in a very quick amount of time, it's great for blending in any unsightly tan lines caused from swimsuits (high-waisted suits, anyone?) I like to smooth a little of this onto my arms and legs after showering, and within an hour it looks as though I've just come back from the beach. Definitely something I'd pack in my suitcase for vacation, especially if you're going to be flaunting flirty skirts and swingy summer dresses. 
As much as I love a good sunkissed look, I'm definitely not into the damage and wrinkles it causes later, so instead of letting my face absorb too much sun, I fake a bronzed glow on my face with some bronzer. (your face will thank you later!) Sweep this across your cheekbones, along your jawline, and top corners of your face by the hairline, as well as a little on your chin and sides of your nose. Be cautious to do this lightly as you want to avoid looking like you fell into the mud or find yourself mistaken as the lost member of the Jersey Shore cast (yikes!). 
Sheer color is the perfect compliment to a summer tan, and can make your teeth look whiter too (especially if you pick a shade with a blue undertone). Feeling a little tired? A bright punch of color, in a sheer wash, of course, is a simple refresher. These balm stains go on super smoothly and add just enough lasting color; their small size makes it perfect for tossing in a carry-on or beach bag! 
Being such a fan of summer-y scents like coconut, fruit and the like, I am loving Bath and Body Works' new Malibu Heat collection. The scent is very beachy and reminds me of everything I love about summer. The fragrance mist is really nice, and a little splash of it before you head out to brunch or a beach day will put you in a summer state of mind! I'm taking mine on vacay with me for sure!!

5. Striped Dress
A striped dress is truly a classic summer look; it's simple enough to throw on with a cute pair of sandals for running errands, catching up with friends over lunch, shopping in the market or as a chic cover up, poolside. Dressed up or down, you'll be chic and comfy. I've got this version, and this one is rather cute as well!

Hope you enjoy these simple ideas for looking fresh, glowing and pretty!


TheUnlostWanderer said...

Thanks for sharing this! I love the Malibu Heat scent at Bath and Body Works, too. They have some new hair products there too that are supposed to help give you beach waves and stuff, I'm pretty excited to check them out!

angie said...

The hoola bronzer is amazing! And lasts for so long, a brilliant summer product!

Taylor said...

Such a good, solid list. Love the striped dress :)
Today I have a recipe for DIY froyo! Check it out if you'd like!

Maria Larsen said...

I love that all of these aren't crazy pricey! Bronzer is my best friend during summer months!

Unknown said...

Loving the striped dress for summer!

Elizabeth {Ms Classic Glamour} said...

I've been wanting to try those Revlon stains... that color looks fabulous! I agree about not wearing a lot of makeup during the hot, sweaty summer months... it looks and feels gross.
Have a wonderful weekend, Candice!

Julia D. said...

Really looking forward to trying out some of these products. Thanks for the great suggestions, Candice!

Jeneric Generation said...

I am always a little scared to use bronzer (don't want to look like the girl in the mud), but maybe I will try it. I don't want to be a ghost face, and I don't want to be a leather face in 20 years :) this seems like a good solution! Also, can't get enough stripes. That dress is darling!

Nicole Marie said...

i'm a hoola freak! i've been wearing it for about 6 years now!

Lauren said...

love that striped dress and I'm loving stripes for summer!!

Mikelle Jade said...

ok. I am totally trying that revlon lip balm. it looks delicious.

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