A Day to Enjoy

Sometimes you just need a day to enjoy to the fullest. We can so easily get wrapped up in to-do lists, daily routines and forget that life was meant to be loved and really lived. Do something for yourself..whether that is a new outfit, coffee with a friend, a special dessert or just some time spent enjoying the beautiful fall weather. The littlest delights can do wonders for the spirit. Go on, you deserve it!

Have a wonderful day!


Maryl said...

Wow !!! what a fabulous photo! This is an amazing location shot. You look

Ariel said...

You are adorable. such a great photo!

Brooke said...

What a beautiful dress! =) Cool picture too!


Anonymous said...

Love this picture Candice, you look like you're just savoring the moment...beautiful post!

Julia D. said...

Beautiful reminder!

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