Big Rocks

We all have 1,440 minutes in each day--time to use or waste. Sometimes it feels like time drags on forever, and other times it seems to fly by..(ahem, this year, for instance) What is it that you're doing with your time? Are you making progress? Do you schedule your life according to your priorities, or does your schedule dictate your priorities? How are you using your time? 
As the holiday season is just around the corner, and my calendar is beginning to fill up with events and appointments, it's easy to get stressed. To avoid that, I've been thinking about wisely using my time...and I'll admit that I've wasted more minutes than I should doing things that don't benefit anything (Facebook, anyone?) but today is a new day..another 1,440 minutes that I can choose to invest to better my life and the ones of those around me. Let's make that decision and wisely schedule our time! 
Here's a little story that I came across and found interesting. 

"A teacher once brought a one-gallon can into his classroom and set it before his students. He placed 5 large rocks in the can, filling it to the brim. Showing the can to his students, he asked, "Is this can full?" They all nodded yes. 
"No it's not," the teacher said, "the can is barely half-filled." Then he took out a bag of gravel and poured it into the space around the rocks. Next he produced a bag of sand and poured it into the nooks and crannies around the gravel. Finally, he pulled out a bottle of water and slowly poured it in the can until it reached the top. 
"Now the can is full," the teacher said. "But here's the real question: What does this teach you about your busy schedule?" 
The students thought for a moment. Then one girl said, "It shows you that no matter how full your schedule, there's always room for more." 
"That's not quite it," the teacher responded. "It should teach you that unless you put in the big rocks first, they'll never fit." "

Most of us have a lot to do, people to meet, and places to see, but ask God today to give you the wisdom to use your time wisely. Make sure those "big rocks" or priorities get into your schedule first, otherwise "they'll never fit".

Have a wonderful (and productive) day!


Unknown said...

It's so funny that I read this today, since I posted about time management earlier! It's definitely hard to find time to get everything done until you look at your priorities. And that rock example is one of my favorites. It really puts in perspective what needs to be at the forefront of life. :)

New follower!

Amanda English said...

Time management can be so difficult!!! Stop by soon I'd love for you to enter the Heylee B. giveaway. You're going to love her stuff! xoxo

Lauren said...

such great wisdom and such a necessary reminder

Erin James said...

This is so true and I needed to read this today! A professor of mine in college once demonstrated this very thing, and it's stuck with me since. Thank you sweet friend!

Anonymous said...

I love this!!! What a clever story...One I won't soon forget as I pay more attention to how I prioritize my days... Thank you for these words of wisdom Candice.. Hope you have a marvelous, productive and enjoyable Holiday Season!

Anonymous said...

loved this C!

Unknown said...

Love this! I needed to read this and be reminded!

Julia D. said...

I've heard that story before and it continues to be one of my favourites. Another one I never fail to find inspiring is the starfish story. I think you put it really succinctly in saying:"Do you schedule your life according to your priorities, or does your schedule dictate your priorities?" Very blunt, but very true. We often need to be confronted that directly before change occurs.

As a side note, this reminds me of "Seasons of Love" from RENT. There's a song that challenges you to revaluate time and what matters.

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