Holiday Tummy Toning

If there's one thing I love most, its a good workout, especially around the holidays. It does wonders to give you more energy, makes you feel good and gives you confidence. Today I'm super excited to have one of my good friends here to share a great toning workout that you can do in the morning, after work or in the afternoon if you need a little pick-me-up! Jenni is a former dancer as well as a dedicated fitness and yoga enthusiast. 
Her blog, Pen + Keyboard, is brimming with delicious (and good for you) recipes, fabulous workouts and lots of fun in between. I'm so happy she's here to share this Holiday Tummy Toning workout with you on Teatime'll feel fantastic after this!

Holiday Tummy Toning
Winter is notorious for being a time when the pounds get packed on a little more than usual. The mixture of uber yummy holiday cookies and stress eating can do a number on our midsection. There are a few great exercises that will help keep our midsection in check, and even, help it slim down. That’s right, we can leave the holiday season in better shape than we found it. The best part is this workout can be done in 20 minutes- because, no one wants to add an hour of gym time to their holiday schedule!
The workout focuses on alternating core exercise that will blast those extra calories and tighten up the tummy. I would suggest doing between one and three sets of this three times a week. Sometimes, I also do this exercise after jogging... Just one set really works those areas that jogging can leave out!

Start in plank and hold for 30 seconds and work your way up to three minutes.

Lowered Plank Toe Rolls: 

Lower from plank position to being on your forearms so shoulders are directly above the elbows. Hold here for 5-10 seconds, then roll forward so you are on your toes. This should be a very fluid movement and should bring you about two inches farther forward. Hold for 5-10 seconds before rolling back to starting. Complete ten
Spider-man on forearms: 

In the lowered plank position, lift your right leg up 45 degrees then bend and bring to the side while keeping your hips even. Hold, then return to having your leg at a 45 degree angle.  Complete ten per side, making sure to not let the active foot touch the ground. The goal is to be able to complete 20 without the hips or torso moving. 
Bicycle crunches: 

These are great for the oblique abdominal muscles. Alternate, bringing your left leg to right elbow and right leg to left elbow. Keep the straightened leg about 3 inches off the floor and be sure you are using your abs to move your body inward and not the back or neck muscles. Moving the leg up or down will also decrease or increase the intensity. Complete 20 per leg, 40 total. 
Table Top Pose: 
Start laying on your back with knees bent and feet on the ground, bring your body up so your arms are straight and knees are at a 90 degree angle. Your head should rest back and your body should be parallel to the floor with fingers facing towards the feet. Hold for thirty seconds before lowering back down to the floor. For a greater workout, lift your leg so it is parallel to the floor. For even more of a burn, lift your leg so it is perpendicular to the ground. Complete 10 per side or 20 total. 
Side Plank sit up: 

Do a side plank with body straight and arm either straight or bent with the forearm on the ground and shoulder directly above the arm. Bring hips down about 1 inch from the ground then back to starting position. This will massively work the obliques, lower back, and outer thigh muscles. Do at least 10 per side.

Side Plank Twist: 

In side plank position, lift the free arm straight in the air and bring under your body, rotating your torso as you move. Hold here for 3-5 seconds before return to starting position. Five to ten of these is a great starting point. Work up to doing 20 per side.

Want more workouts, delicious recipes and fun fitness ideas? Keep up with Jenni here:


Lauren said...

love this! can't wait to try it out!

Sara said...

This is such a lovely workout! totally inspiring! i happened to stumble upon your blog and i love it! i'm your newest follower :)

Julia D. said...

Awesome! I'll have to check out her blog now too.

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