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Every once in awhile I feel like we sometimes hit an autopilot mode, and it seems like we're just coasting through life...not going backwards, but also not accomplishing or achieving either. It's that dreaded neutral gear that seems so comfortable, but can be lethal to dreams and living a life of greatness, should we choose to continue on that path. You see, it's when we're pushing ourselves outside the known, outside of the comfortable, that's where the change's not the familiar that causes us to achieve, but rather the deliberate, daily decisions to change and to move ahead. This summer I was able to invest time in learning some key leadership principles that have truly shaped the way I live my life, and upon a recent reviewing of some notes, I came upon a list that was such a great reminder and catalyst for me to move out of what felt like an autopilot mode. It was so inspiring and motivating, I simply had to share in hopes that it may help you wherever you might be in life.

Keys to Accomplishment:

1. What gets talked about gets done. (Don't be afraid of repetition)

2. What gets trained for gets done. (When preparedness meets opportunity, success happens)

3. What gets measured gets done. (Tracking a goal increases momentum)

4. What gets budgeted gets done. (Both time & money)

5. What gets confronted gets done. (Accountability is key. Don't be afraid to ask yourself the hard questions)

6. What gets rewarded gets done. (Accomplishments should be celebrated)

Get out there and do great things! 


Amanda English said...

Those are great reminders on accomplishing goals... (:

Anonymous said...

oh so good!! and so true, neutral gear happens every now and then and it's almost hard not to let it turn into a rut!! these are great tips :)

Ashley said...

New to your blog and love it!!! :)


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