On Loss

We don't often know the day or the hour that life comes to an end, and many times it's unexpected at best, but other times it's a strong finish, peaceful, and a life worth celebrating, for the times together and the memories of that one were too precious and wonderful to think any less. It isn't easy to let someone go, but at times it is necessary, as the the things that await them are far better than what they leave behind. While it was with sadness that I experienced my grandmother passing from this world into the heavenly one, it is also with great joy that I am able to say that she lived a life that was full, brimming with faith, travel, adventure and love. Her legacy is one to be remembered, and it will only be a matter of time until we shall meet once again. I'll never forget how much she loved to travel...France was her favorite, New York City, a close second. Ever since I was a little girl, her stories of Paris, sprinkled with French, caused me to daydream about what it must be like to wander the cobblestone streets, camera in one hand and a croissant in another...sipping coffee in a sidewalk cafe, and taking in the sight of the glittering lights of the Eiffel Tower, as it sparkled in the night. "Someday you'll go here, Candice" she said, as we looked at her pictures of the famous water lily ponds in Monet's garden..yes, one day I'll go, and while I'll take in the beauty of the garden, and the City of Lights, I'll also remember the prayers, encouragement, love & faith of my grandmother.
je t'aime
à la prochaine fois, Grandma Eleanor.


A Silver Snapshot said...

May the Lord hold you and your family during this time, and walk with you as you embrace your grandmother's legacy. <3

Lauren said...

Your grandmother sounds like an amazing woman. I'm so sorry for your loss! This post is so beautifully written...I'm sure you'll make her proud with everything you do!

Anonymous said...

Your Grandma sounds like she was a special inspiring lady! I am so sorry for your loss. Sending prayers.

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