Fête Friday

It's Fête Friday! We're talking recipes and menu planning this week.
Last week we talked all about how to plan out your menu, what things to pick up vs. making yourself, and speaking of making things in the kitchen, it seems only natural to share a few fun recipes that I've enjoyed for past celebrations! 

I happened upon this amazing recipe (and I mean seriously delish!) for a peach cake on Pinterest this summer, and when planning a summer soiree to celebrate my favorite season and birthday, it seemed only appropriate to use this luscious fruit. Not only was the cake moist and light, but the subtle sweetness of peaches mixed into the batter, coupled with the delightful whipped frosting made for a perfect combination of flavors that enchanted every guest! You'll certainly want to bookmark this one! It's easily tweaked to add any kind of fruit for flavor, hello possibilities!

Two of my favorite (and oh so simple) appetizers were my go-to for a sparkling NYE celebration. Most apps are high in calories, overly filling, and easy to feel guilty about later. Satisfy your guests with something sweet, savory and waistline-friendly (score!) that they'll talk about all night long! 

This comes together so simply, yet packs a lot of flavor. Thinly slice your pears, and sprinkle a handful of crumbled goat's cheese and a handful of dried cranberries on each piece. Finish with a drizzle of honey (if desired), and serve! You'll want to double or even triple this recipe depending on the size of your guest list. 
This tasty crostini is flavorful, rich, and a staple in my entertaining arsenal. It comes together with a few simple ingredients that you can quickly assemble into a savory snack. Begin by slicing up your french baguette into bite size slices (I tend to make these kind of thick because who can resist a big, warm slice of a great baguette??) and spread with hummus. There's many varieties of hummus flavors, but the roasted red pepper, lemon, or even plain tend to be great choices. Chop your celery and green onion (some grocery stores have this combination pre-chopped, if so, save time and pick that up!) and garnish each slice with a generous handful. (Note: you can also add a few chopped green or black olives to each slice) Drizzle with olive oil, and top with freshly cracked black pepper & salt for some extra flavor! This is an excellent addition to a cheese plate, or served alone, but make sure to prepare enough..you're going to want to go back for seconds! 

What are your favorite party foods?
Have a favorite recipe? I'd love to hear it (or get a link to it!). 
Leave me a note in the comments below, or email it my way! 


Unknown said...

Yes, this cake is happening soon!! Perfect little piece of spring/summer ;)

A Silver Snapshot said...

Mmmmm, how delicious. And may I just say, that I so dearly wish I could attend one of your fetes {spelling??}. Oh well, following along via the blog will have to do. Happy Friday!

A Silver Snapshot

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