Mantra Monday

It's Mantra Monday again! I'm sharing what's inspiring me for the new year all through the month of January! If you didn't catch last week's mantra, take a look here

Excuses, excuses...those things sure are pesky, aren't they? Unfortunately, they can also be very successful in keeping us from doing things that will ultimately lead to the life we want. As we have moved into this month, I've taken some time to evaluate where I want to be in the year 2014, and there's been some necessary changes that I needed to make in my life, and I must admit that excuses have kept me from making changes before, but when I decided to stop thinking of all the reasons why I shouldn't, and just started doing something, immediately the 'excuse-itis' went away, and was replaced by momentum. A good friend of mine once said, "everything you want is outside of your comfort zone", and it is absolutely true. Sometimes we make excuses because we're afraid of what needs to be done, but other times it's because we're comfortable with where we are, and change means exploring the unfamiliar. The challenge for us is to stop with the reasons, and excuses to not make those positive (and most likely uncomfortable) changes, and to stop merely talking about what we want to do, and just get started. Make that first move, it's scary, I know, but the little bit of courage to start is what will snowball into a passion, a blazing fire of momentum to get you to the life you've dreamt of. The next time you're faced with an opportunity, and you begin to make excuses, stop yourself, and just get started. Decide to just go for it. Be stronger than your excuses. Decide that you want it more than you're afraid of it. You can do this! Action is the beginning of accomplishment. I promise it's worth it in the end. 

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